XRP will trigger the next bullrun – analyst leans far out of the window at Ripple

Ripple (XRP) price analysis: The picture shows a Ripple Coin with a price chart.
Ripple and XRP represent a specialty in the world of crypto. Hardly any other crypto currency has stayed in the top 5 of all crypto currencies by market capitalization for so long. But there has been a certain trend in recent years – it has been steadily falling. But now this should soon be over, a relatively well-known trader and analyst sees glorious times approaching XRP.

The next bullrun should be triggered by XRP

A lot has happened since the beginning of 2019, when Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies hit rock bottom. Bitcoin has increased more than threefold during this time, other crypto currencies have in some cases increased over 1,000-4,000%. But BitQT lost another 30% over the same period. That has made many doubt the future of XRP. There have also been many negative reports regarding Ripple’s regular XRP sales .

This is exactly where the Twitter crypto investor and analyst CryptoWhale sees a great opportunity. He says that XRP has the highest chance of surviving the regulatory actions of different states. In his eyes, XRP will turn the entire market upside down and create extremely strong demand that will affect other altcoins as well. According to him, the next bullrun will be triggered by XRP.

XRP is supposed to win the battle with the regulators

He compares Ripple’s strategy with other projects in the cryptospace and says that others are only interested in getting as many investors as possible on board in order to carry out an exit. In addition, the low level of decentralization is exactly what regulators are advocating.

Many criticize XRP as being „too centralized“ when that transparency is what governments like.

While other projects are focused on getting a swift group of new investors out of the scam, Ripple has been quietly working with government agencies to ensure compliance.

Behind Ripple there is a real product compared to many others

He goes one step further in his incendiary speech and says that after the correction of Bitcoin and XRP, he will buy even more XRP. In his opinion, there is a reason why XRP has held the top 3-5 of all cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for so long.

In his tweet series, he also goes into the ICO hype in 2018 and says that all of the ERC20 tokens do not add any added value and are saturated with false promises.

These are just two ERC-20 ICO tokens that were created during the hype phase 2018. All they offer is a cool website and false promises.

I avoid all these new projects that came up at that time. Think of this as the dot-com bubble. 99% of these companies have failed.

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CryptoWhale leans far out the window

He also explains why XRP and Ripple have so many haters:

The boom in 2017 has undeniably resulted in a large proportion of investors buying their way to the top. These losses subsequently turned many into haters. I always encourage people to do their own research and not like / hate something based on emotions alone.

For it is only a matter of time before XRP rises in price and attracts not only new but also old investors.

It’s a very daring statement from CryptoWhale at this point. Because Ripple has also used a lot of promises and aggressive marketing to attract new investors. Not much is left of the promises today. Ripple is in a better position today than it was a few years ago. The focus is on a payment solution for banks and payment service providers, with or without XRP.

On the other hand, the regular XRP sales are currently the most important source of income for Ripple. Therefore, it is also in the company’s interest that the XRP price holds or even increases. However, these sales steadily increase the number of XRPs in circulation and ultimately lead to higher sales pressure. Currently, only private investors who continue to cling to XRP are denying this, although there have been far better investment opportunities in recent years.

We are curious whether CryptoWhale will be proved right and the XRP course can finally turn around a sustainable trend. As always, we will keep you updated. Stay tuned.